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Why a Slant Board…

How it Works for Reading

Your brain recognizes letters as symbols that when put together into words become a code that your brain translates into information.

As you read down a page on a flat surface, the letters change shape due to the changing angle of your vision. This constant adjusting causes your brain to work harder to interpret what you are reading. This results in increased fatigue and reduced comprehension.

When using our slanted workstation, the letters remain consistent throughout the page thus allowing your brain to decode only one set of symbols. Like a computer, your brain processes the information more efficiently resulting in better comprehension and less fatigue.

How it Works for Writing

Slanted workstations have been used by architects, graphic designers and schools for centuries as it provides many benefits while writing or drawing.

When writing on a flat surface, you use only your wrist muscles which will lead to strain and less control. When raising your arm on a slanted workstation you incorporate many more muscle groups resulting in better penmanship and less fatigue.

This is why we want to provide you with the ultimate tool for reading and writing.