Become A Slant Board Distributor

Learn how to become a distributor for Visual Edge and become part of the movement to improve peoples education and learning.

How can I become a distributor?


Step 1: Read Our Distributor Guidelines

The guidelines will explain all the details of what will make someone elegible to become a Visual Edge distributor. You can find the guidelines below or on the quick menu in PDF version.

View Guidelines

To be eligible for Distributor Pricing you will need to agree to purchase a
minimum of four (4) Slant Board Cases (12 boards per case) within a calendar
year. The calendar year stats at the signing of the Agreement. The unit cost per
board will be $22.50 per board.

We will ship to you in Case quantities, as needed the amount of Slant
Boards you require when you request them. Additionally we will only charge you
for the boards you take delivery of plus shipping and handling. We offer some of
the lowest shipping rates available. This will save you the need to store a large
amount of Slant Boards yet receive the benefits afforded the lower price of a
larger purchase.

You will be required to provide Credit Card information for Visual Edge,
Inc. to keep on file and authorized Visual Edge, Inc. to charge that Credit Card
for the Slant Boards delivered to you throughout the calendar year. Once again,
you will only be charged on the day of shipping for the amount of Slant Boards
you requested to be delivered plus S&H. At the end of your calendar year if you
have not already received at least 4 Cases you will be shipped and charged for
the remaining Case(s) to meet the 4 case minimum.

Step 2: Submit Our Distributor Application/Agreement

We are now using a digital Distributor Agreement running on HelloWorks to accepts digital signatures to make the agreement as easy, quick and secure as possible to process.

Submit Distributor Application/Agreement

HelloWorks has built-in security to keep data safe Documents are stored behind firewalls, encrypted at rest using AES 256-bit encryption, and backed by AWS backup recovery. HelloWorks complies with GDPR, Privacy Shield and all major eSignature laws, including ESIGN, UETA, and European Union eIDAS (EU No.910/2014).

Step 3: Application Review & Approval

Once approved we will create a user account on our website for you that will give you access to purchase our products at the whole sale distributor pricing. From this account you will be able to purchase, track your orders, as well as pay any outstanding invoices.