Visual Edge Writing Slant Board is the Most Effective Portable Slanted Desk. Make Learning Easier!

The Visual Edge Writing Slant Board provides a slanted surface to improve comprehension in both reading & writing, improve posture, & penmanship. See your child get better grades and enjoy learning!

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What if reading, writing, learning and ultimately achieving success and creativity could be much simpler?

Whether you want better grades in school, success in business, or an ergonomically efficient working environment, there is a solution. The Visual Edge Slant Board is a scientifically proven versatile, multi-functional work station for children and adults, making it the definitive tool for writing, reading, and enhanced and accelerated learning.

Reduced Eye Fatigue

The scientifically proven angle of 22 degrees reduces strain on your eyes because the text remains in focus down the entire page.


Due to your improved posture, less stress is placed on your body resulting in lower blood pressure. An additional benefit of your improved posture is the reduced effort required to get blood to you brain resulting in a lower heart rate.

Improved Comprehension

Because your brain is working less to interpret text, it is easier for you to understand what you have just read.

Twenty-five percent of the population suffer from some level of Processing difficulty.

This disability prevents a person from properly seeing and understanding text or images. When doing any visual task, your brain is decoding symbols. These symbols (letters and images) become code (text and pictures) which your brain processes to retrieve the information. When doing any visual task on a flat surface your brain has to work harder as it scans down the page because the angle at which your brain perceives the symbols and or images is changing, thus changing the code.

This makes understanding the information more difficult for all people but for the 25% of the population with a processing issue it can make it impossible. The Visual Edge Slant Board is designed to help not just this 25% segment of the population, but EVERYONE! The Visual Edge Slant Board addresses this processing issue and much more:

Get the Benefits

Experience the improvement that the Visual Edge Slant Board will make in you or your child's life. Make learning easier!

Visual Edge Slant Board for Writing and Reading

The Texas State Department of Health, in January, 1938, launched a long. range program in child development as part of its services for protecting and promoting the health of school children.

The Coordinated Classroom by Dr. Darell Boyd Harmon