The Most Popular Writing Slant Boards Comparison

It may seem like a big endeavor to to research each and every slant board out on the market. Which is why we wanted to provide you with a place where you can compare the top slant boards out there. We are extremely confident in our slant boards and we want to show you how we stack up against our competitors. So now you can confidentaly make the choice of which slant board is right for you or your child.

Below we will be looking at the four most popular slant boards being used right now. We are comparing what we believe to be the most important features that a Slant Board should have.

Let’s see how they stack up!

Visual Edge TheraPro Adapt-Ease Ergo-Rite<
Visual Edge Slant Board
Better-Board Slant Board
Adapt-Ease Slant Board
Ergo-Rite Slant Board
Size 18W × 13H × 2H in 12W x 12L x 0.5H inches 14W x 12L x 3.5H inches 14W x 14L x 4H inches
Portable & Fits in Backpack
Paper Clip Holders
Two Paper Clips

Two Paper Clips

One Paper Clip

One Paper Clip
Foldable Legs
22 Degree Writing Surface Scientifically Proven for Better Learning
20 Degrees

20 Degrees

20 Degrees
Book Catch for Reading
Detachable for Unobtrusive Writing
Magnetic Dry Erase Board
Optional Lap Pillow

Visual Edge Is More Than A Slant Board

The visual edge slant board in not only a slant board, it is a total learning environment and swiss army knife for education. With many more features than just a slanted surface. It provides you or your child a tool that can be used with any learning expierience. Keeping you physically focused and mentally stimulated.

You Are Guaranteed to See Improvements In Your Childs Learning

  • See Better Grades in School
  • Enhanced Comprehension
  • Improved Penmanship
  • Better Postures
  • Reduced Fatigue & Stress
  • Improved Visual Processing

See how a slant board can make a difference in your child’s or students learning.

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The Benefits

Foldable Legs

Legs can be locked into position for stability or can be folded flat for compact storage. Especially when being put inside a backpack or suitcase.

22 Degree Writing Surface

Having the 22 degree angle on the slant board is achieve what is called the “Harmon Distance” which has been scientifically proven to improve performance in writing, reading and speech. It allows for better tracking of character that leads to better visual processing.

The Book Catch

The book catch at the bottom of the board can be readjusted to either side of the board or removed completely for unobstructed reading and writing tasks.

Magnetic Dry Erase Board

Allows for accomplishment of direct onboard tasks such as taking notes and visualizing. Use the magnetic surface to develop cognitive skills through games or puzzles.

Optional Lap Pillow

The comfortable and convenient lap pillow is custom designed for use with your new Visual Edge® Slant Board. Whether you want to lay down and read a book, write a paper, or work on a drawing. It allows you to use your slant board in a comfortable environment. Check it out