Visual Edge Adventures

From the inception of Visual Edge Slant Board, our goal was to help as many people as possible with difficulties in reading and writing. I started with my daughter in elementary school, built our company and expanded that to collaborate with Reading and Writing specialists, Schools and other businesses that also work in this area.

However, this was not enough.  I soon found out that there is a large segment of our population that have not heard about the benefits of using a Slanted Work Surface to increase their reading and writing performance.  This is why we started a new branch of Visual Edge Slant Board and we call it Visual Edge Adventures

What is Visual Edge Adventures?

We are traveling around the Country to remote regions, finding communities that have limited resources or access and educate them on the benefits of our Slant Boards.  We donate Slant Boards to these areas so they too can benefit from a product that is scientifically proven to improve reading and writing.

Navajo Nation Monument Valley

Hill City Elementary School

Custer Elementary School

Indiana Amish Community

La Verkin Elementary School – Utah

Do you know of a community that can benefit from our slant boards?

We would like to share the benefits of our slant boards with other communities. We will make a trip to personally inform them of our product and donate Slant Boards to help that community. You can follow us here to see where we have been and the communities we have already helped. Thank you in advance for helping us help other people improve their lives.

See an Improvement in Your Childs Reading & Writing