The Visual Edge Story

Learn about how we came up with the Visual Edge Slant Board


How It All Began

Visual Edge started from an event that affected the life of one of my children. My daughter Delaney was first diagnosed with a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) from an auto accident, resulting in a visual processing problem. As part of my daughter’s Individual Education Program (IEP) my wife and I were told we had to purchase a slant board to help Delaney cope with her processing issues. The only slant board available at that time was a large and bulky wooden board. We purchased this board and it became a permanent fixture on her school desk.

Girl Writing and Reading on Slant Board

The Big Problem

My daughter was devastated by the presence of this large, obtrusive board. It was a constant reminder to her and the rest of her class of her learning disabilities. Since it was not portable and took up her entire desk space, accomplishing class projects became difficult. Her teacher had to find another work station to accommodate her, making Delaney feel even more of an outcast in her classroom.


Visuale Edge Slant Boards the Solution?

I empathized with my daughter and wanted her to feel comfortable at school, thus starting my quest to find a more functional slant board. After extensive research, I could not find a single board that would fit her needs. I decided then and there to develop my own slant board. After thoroughly researching the fundamentals of a slant board, I designed my first prototype. I would like to acknowledge the assistance of P.A.V.E (Parents Active for Vision Education) in my research and understanding of vision therapy and the ultimate development of my Visual Edge® Slant Board. They were a tremendous help and source of encouragement.

Girl Writing and Reading on Slant Board

Visual Edge Success

My daughter was ecstatic, because she could now fold the legs of her Slant Board and place it in her school desk. Delaney’s teacher was ecstatic because she now had my daughter’s desk space back. Furthermore Jean her vision therapist, was ecstatic because she now had a much more compact, and versatile slant board. As the word spread about my Visual Edge® slant board, there were hundreds of requests to purchase my board from doctors, therapists and parents of children with reading and other processing problems.

Our Visual Edge slant board is designed with a 22 degree angle – the optimum angle for ergonomics and processing as proven through research. The slanted desk is back!