Pat Conlon Grosso

“I started working as an occupational therapist with SEDOM around Thanksgiving, 2011. It was apparent that every child in the classroom assigned to me would most likely benefit from the use of a a slanted work surface. Primarily for optimal visual efficiency, posture and visual-motor skills during table-top task performance. I wanted to make slant boards for my students for Christmas and was searching for optimal designs when I discovered the Visual Edge Slant Board.

They were the best sloped work surface I’d ever seen. I soon realized that I would never be able to make anything that could compare, so I contacted the owner of Visual Edge, Inc., Mr. Paul Magaudda. He had originally designed the board to help his daughter and they are used by all of the students taught by his wife with great success. Mr. Magaudda most graciously and generously donated a case of 12 slant boards for my school.

It has now been a week since the teacher and students have been using the Visual Edge Slant Board gifted to them and I couldn’t be more thrilled with how much they are enjoying them and how effectively they promote their greater comfort, neuromuscular efficiency and performance with visual and visual-fine motor table-top tasks. The teacher and students use them throughout the day for reading, writing, artwork, use of the iPad, Computers, etc., and easily transport and store them. These slant boards are sleek, attractive and user-friendly. I give them my highest endorsement! The teacher and children from this classroom have given testimonials about the Visual Edge Slant Boards which include:

“It helps me write better”

“My back feels more relaxed when I use it”

“It feels better to write on”

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