Linda Solway

“A new boy (8 yrs. old) started vision therapy today and I was working with the boy and his mother for their intro to the VT routine. We always give patients your slant board at their first appointment, so I told this new boy that I had a slant board I wanted him to use and was about to open the box and unpack it when mom said “Oh that’s okay, we already have a wooden one that the school loaned us.” I said they might just like our new, state-of-the-art slant board and that they were welcome to take it home, try it out, and compare it to their old one. When I actually got the box open and took out the board, both mom and son were wide-eyed and they both said “Omigosh! This is sooooo much better than that heavy old clunky board we have! We already know we’ll like it better.” They were impressed, to say the least!! Thought I’d pass their admiration on to you.”

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