Aaron Rosenzweig

“Paul I have to tell you how much we enjoy your slant boards and your attention to customer service. I have scoured the Internet and found nothing as good as your board. You have cornered the market with a light and attractive board to relieve visual stress. In fact not only do our eyes thank you but our necks too.

We were given the old style boards in our shipment by accident. When I told you of the error you did not hesitate to send us out the new style boards. For anyone who is considering which way to go let me tell you that the new style boards are much better. They are noticeably thicker and more resilient. The old boards are OK but the new ones are superior. We are very satisfied with our purchase. We keep one set of slant boards at home and leave another set at our children’s school.

Many thanks for making a killer product backed by stellar customer service.”

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